Haruka's first solo album: Ingredients
- Maki Ishii - For Lily
- Akemi Naito - Memory of the Woods
- Caroline Mallonee - Tomorrow Sharpened
- Joji Yuasa - Eye on Genesis
- Ryan Streber - Silent Sister
- Carl Schimmel - Snood the Poultroon
Available at: New Focus Recordings
Paper Concerto
Haruka plays solo percussionist in Paper Concert by composer Tan Dun
Tan Dun, conductor
the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra
Released by BBC / Opus Arte
Available at: amazon.com
Tea Opera
Haruka plays stage percussionist in an opera by composer Tan Dun
Tan Dun, conductor
Pierre Audi, stage director
NHK Symphony Orchestra
Deutsche Grammophon/ DG 0730999
Available at: amazon.com

KO KU: Contempolary Japanese and Chinese music for recorder and percussion
-Cage - Ryoanji
-Miyoshi - Ripple
-Ishii - East, Green, Spring
-Ming-Chi - "The trees long fo silence but the wind still rustles their leaves"
-Matsunaga - "Reeds, Twigs, Winds and..."
-Ishii - Ko Ku
Players: Gudula Rosa, recorder, Haruka Fujii, percussion
Available at: Steve Weiss Muisc, Amazon.de

HITEN-SEIDO: Marimba works by Maki Ishii
-Marimba stück with two percussionists
-Hiten Seido II - for solo marimba
-Hiten Seido III - for marimba duo
-Ro – ro no hibiki - for marimba, percussion and sanukite
Players: Mutsuko Fujii, Haruka Fujii, Rika Fujii
ALM Records; ALCD-68
Available at: Steve Weiss Muisc

Marimba works by Akira Miyoshi
-Conversation – suite for marimba
-Torse III – for solo marimba
-5 Esquisses – pour Euphonium et Marimba
-Ripple – for solo marimba
-Etude Concertante – pour 2 marimbas
-Yamagara Diary – for Children’s Chorus, Sanukite and Marimba
-Letter to God – for Children’s Chorus and Marimba
Players: Mutsuko Fujii, Haruka Fujii, Rika Fujii
Kosei Publishing Co.; KMYD-5740
Available at: Steve Weiss Music

FM: Flexible Music
NYC based new music quartet, Flexible Music's debut album
- Hout - Louis Andriessesn
- Flexible Music - Nico Muhly
- Around the Bend - John Link
- Closing Time - Ryan Streber
- Sustenance Variations - Orianna Webb
- Throu down or shut up - Vineet Shende
New Focus Recordings
Available at: www.newfocusrecordings.com
Serving Size 4 Bunnies: LineC3
-Serving Size 4 Bunnies - Carl Schimmel
Available at: itunes

Kan-Kyo Sanukite
Baroque music arranged for a stone instruments Sanukite.
Players: Mutsuko Fujii, Haruka Fujii, Rika Fujii
Kosei Publishing Co.; KMYD-5730
Available at: amazon.co.jp

From Space of the old times, Works by Masanori Fujita
Haruka plays percussion on Ichino Gotoshi with Rika Fujii
Available at: Fontec